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2013年4月19日 (金)

風呂敷その2 Furoshiki part2



These are pages from junior high school first-year-students' textbook. Here they introduce how useful and eco-friendly a traditional Japanese cloth is. Since I read this last year, I've beena great fan of furoshiki and want to let people know how great it is.

2013年4月18日 (木)

風呂敷 Furoshiki


只今、風呂敷にはまっています。中学1年の英語の教科書に「多目的布 風呂敷」という読み物があり、それを見てから風呂敷ファンになりました。最近「エコ」の観点からも風呂敷が見直されているとか。現代では素材や柄も多種多様で心引かれるものが多い。ショッピングバックや、ショルダーバックとして使ったり、ビンを美しく包んだり、ひざ掛けやスカーフとして使ったり・・・包み方や結び方をマスターすると一枚の風呂敷がさまざまな姿に変身して、便利だし、とてもおしゃれなんです。今や私は「風呂敷の伝道師」と...化しております。この風呂敷は、今一番のお気に入りです。リバーシブルで結んだ時に両面の色が見えるのがミソです。撥水加工もされていて巾着付です。

I'm really into a furoshiki, a traditional Japanese cloth. A furoshiki is introduced in the textbook used at junior high schools in Sanjo. Since I read about it last year, I have been a big fan of furoshiki. It's an all-purpose cloth. As awareness of the environment has been growing, a furoshiki has been attracting more and more attention. You can use it as a shopping bag, a shoulder bag. If you master some simple skills to knot and wrap, it changes into variety of things. You can use it as a scarf or a rug as well. I now call myself "a missionary for furoshiki." This one is my most favorite right now. It's reversible and water-repellent. It comes with this nice drawstring bag.もっと見る

2013年4月12日 (金)

歯科医院での会話 Conversation at Dental Offices







I use this textbook for my student who is a dentist. This book is geared toward Japanese dentists, teaching typical English conversations held between a patient and a dentist at a dental office.

Last year I happened to get acquainted through Skype with an American dentist working at her own dental offices. (She has two offices.) She is the first person from English speaking countries that I met on Skype.

We have worked on this textbook together to make the English and the Japanese sentences written there easier and more natural. There have been times we can’t see each other for many days because of the time differences or others, but we made it to the last.

Our encounter was a coincidence but feels like a destiny. I really thank this encounter with her and with my student as well.

2013年4月 6日 (土)

アリスの朗読・原書を無料で Free audiobooks and ebooks

画像はオハイオ大学から http://www.wiredforbooks.org/



☆作者本人によるイラスト付き オンラインテキスト


☆7人プラス二人のイラストレーター付き オンラインテキスト
The identified works of nine historical artists and two contemporary artists are featured.

不思議な国のアリスその2 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland No.2







すでに著作権の切れている本なので、iBook やオンラインで無料でダウンロードすることもできます。私はiPadにもダウンロードしてあるのでいつでも見ることができます。また、オーディオブックもウォークマン等に入れて何度も聞きました。以前にも紹介しましたが、音響効果もすばらしく何度聞いても飽きません。オーディオブックはこちらから

Yesterday I wrote that I want to enjoy "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" with an innocent child's heart free from common sense or any restrictions.

But the author was a mathematician as well. I think he must have been a man of logical thinking. As an adult reader, I can't help thinking there must be some logic there. That's why there are a lot of books on Alice's "riddles" out there.

The story is full of wordplay and in many cases it is next to impossible to translate into Japanese. There lies the greatest pleasure to read it in original English.

One example is the scene where Alice asks the Mouth why he hates cats and dogs. The below is a brief extract from the book.

"Mine is a long and a sad tale!".....
"It is a long tail, certainly,"said Alice, looking down with wonder at the Mouse's tail......
... ."but why do you call it sad?" and she went on puzzling about this as the mouse went on speaking, so that her idea of the tale was something like this:.....

The picture shown above is the copy from the book. The Mouse's story doesn't make any sense, but you don't have to rack your brain trying to make out what it means. For Alice is also scolded by the Mouse like this; "You are not attending!"

This story is in the public domain, so you can download the story all free. I myself have an e-book version of it and in addition to it, I listen to the audio book, which is also free. This one is my favorite, It comes with nice sound effects and music.

2013年4月 5日 (金)

不思議の国のアリスその1 Alice's Adventure in Wonderland No.1

Alice Alice2 Alicepopup







I found a picture from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" yesterday on the facebook page of my friend, feeling so nostalgic. I searched my house for my old copies and found them. I think the one I read as a child was an easy version for kids, and that, the translated version, but I never forget the excitement when I first read it.

What a wonderful and nonsense world! Some decades later, as an adult, I bought the original English version, only to be disappointed to find it so difficult for me back then. I thought it was because my English reading comprehension was not good enough. But later I came to think it might not be. For there are actually a lot of English novels for adults that I can read with ease. News articles are much easier.

But now I think I may have been wrong. The truth is as a child, I was free from any restrictions and didn't judge any thing by any common sense. The logical thinking just prevented me from enjoying it without thinking. Now that I realize that, I make my mind free and just have fun.

I bought all the books shown above as an adult. The oldest one was probably almost 25 years old or older, I'm not sure. The pop-up book is 9 years old. I like Tenniel's illustrations, but the illustrations drawn by the author himself are also appealing.

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