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2014年11月23日 (日)

保内植物園 Beautiful Autumn Day in Honai

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Honai Park in Sanjo. Starting from the Japanese tea ceremony house, we strolled around the Tropical Greenhouse Dome and then the walking trail of the park behind the Dome. The sun was out after a long spell of rainy weather, the leaves of the trees were giving off the last brilliance before winter comes.

2014年11月18日 (火)

旧齋藤家別邸 The Saito Faimily Summer Villa

10682153_876503852368414_6464344469 1522479_876546899030776_69798725779 10697373_876504535701679_3032432747 1502773_876504229035043_57337343236 1658566_876504159035050_37886017075 10264003_876503975701735_8730332281 10477648_876504502368349_8136065744 10620196_876504149035051_7840872020
10623850_876504459035020_9070834535 10679875_876504199035046_5410522816 10679875_876504222368377_4395460708 1399507_876503869035079_59837611103 1496004_876504182368381_31429552188 10608488_876503955701737_7924817040




たまたま私と同年齢とおぼしき女性のグループとご一緒することになりましたが、一歩歩くごとにきゃあきゃあと喜びあいました。ついて回ってくださったボランティアガイドさんも、あまりの反応の良さに喜んでくださったでしょうか。いや、さっぱり先に進めず内心気をもんでいたかもしれませんm(_ _)m

The Saito Faimily Summer Villa in Niigata City. I was deeply impressed by the way the building and the garden are in great harmony with each other. They are elaborately designed so that different rooms of the villa show different views. The garden seen through a bit-distorted old glass-window has its own beauty. The scenery from the second floor is different from the one from the first floor. Walking in the garden, I felt as if I had stepped into the world of beautiful picture scroll.

2014年11月17日 (月)

弥彦の紅葉 Autumn Color in Yahiko

1015327_875508239134642_855653937_2 1267663_875506969134769_77177223002 1267663_875507115801421_24382168900 1272691_875507402468059_86991534191 1402837_875507412468058_43055627027 1512258_875507015801431_11732949894 1599664_875508232467976_83943050168 1973266_875507175801415_22432776068 10298306_875508259134640_8412362990 10365464_875508269134639_2625859193 10454974_875507282468071_4401686631 10655214_875507089134757_2439730663 10679957_875508185801314_8817789725 10697260_875508102467989_8417354438 10700602_875508199134646_9109710372 10733872_875507989134667_8363541853





The rain which continued for a several days let up at last. The leaves in Yahiko Park started to fall, but were still so beautiful. The ground and steps covered by the carpet of red and yellow leaves looked amazing!

There seem to be many different kinds of maple trees in Yahiko. One of them have two-color. I like this.

2013年12月14日 (土)

沖縄旅行記その2 Trip to Okinawa 2

Okinawa22 Okinawa23 Okinawa24 Okinawa25 Okinawa26 Okinawa27 Okinawa28 Okinawa29 Okinawa210

沖縄2日目。那覇市内のホテルから車で東に走り「おきなわワールド」へ。おきなわワールドには玉泉洞と言う国内最大級の鍾乳洞があります。総延長5000m、 その内 890mが観光用になっています。東洋で最も美しい鍾乳洞だとのこと。 「30万年という気の遠くなるようなときを経て作られたまさに大自然の彫刻博物館」です。(パンフレットから引用)。




Day two in Okinawa. Driving east from the hotel, we reached "Okinawa World," where there is the biggest limestone cave in Japan. It's 5,000 meters long, out of which 870 meters can visitors walk for sightseeing. It's said to be the most beautiful limestone cave in the East. It's the museum of sculpture that Mother Nature has created over the course of mind-boggling 3,000 million years of time.

I was overwhelmed by the panoramic view spread out before and couldn't help oohing and wowing at the marvels of nature.

I loved scientific fiction written by Jules Verne as a school girl and was excited to read a novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth." I saw the movie based on the story as well.

I was so fascinated, feeling as if I were traveling in the center of the earth.

2013年12月12日 (木)

沖縄旅行記その1 Trip to Okinawa 1

Okinawa1 Okinawa2


The first picture is a beautiful coast line of Okinawa I took from the airplane.
The second one is Pokemon Jet.

The girls of three generations traveled in Okinawa from December 4 to December 7 in 2013. Blessed with a fine weather, it turned out to be the perfect trip ever. The flight time was about 3 hours.

Okinawa4 Okinawa13 Okinawa17_2 Okinawa18_2 Okinawa5 Okinawa12 Okinawa6_2 Okinawa15 Okinawa9 Okinawa3


On arriving at Naha Airport, we got the rental car that we had booked. The first place we headed for was "Shurijo Castle, one of the World Heritage Sites. Seeing the castle, I understood how they created unique Okinawa culture, blending Japanese and Chinese cultures.



The last picture is stewed pork belly. Brown sugar is used to season it. It melted in the mouth.

2013年3月30日 (土)

新潟清五郎 Seigoro in Niigata



A stone monument in Niigata Konan District and a pine tree. In 1640. eight people came here by boat from "Kaga," which is an ancient name for Ishikawa Prefecture, to develop new land. Speaking of "Kaga," it is my hometown! I can't help having a friendly feeling for this place. Out of the eight people, one whose name was "Seigoro" fell ill and passed away. In remembrance, they named this place "Seigoro" after him.

2012年2月18日 (土)

日本海 The Japan Sea in early December

Sea2_2 Sea


I took these pictures on December 4 in 2011. It was such a beautiful day. I never get tired of watching restless waves of the Japan Sea, which presents a different face at each time of the year. I lose sense of time while watching the sea.

2012年1月17日 (火)

Winery in Niigata 新潟のワイナリー「カーブドッチ」 

Maki6 Maki8 Maki7_2 Maki1 Maki2 Maki4 Maki3 Maki5_2












"Makigoya" at CAVED'OCCHI in small town in Niigata

I had a wonderful lunch at "Makigoya"a restaurant in CAVED'OCCHI in December. It was a co-incidence, but CAVED'OCCI and its owner Mr. Ochi appeared in the documentary TV program "Cambria Palace" late on that same day.

I had been to CAVED'OCCHI several times so far, but I didn't know this is a popular winery that attracts as many as 300,000 people a year. I was so much impressed with Mr.Ochi and his way.

According to the TV program, Mr. Ochi worked hard to cultivate a sand hill in the rural district in Niigata Prefecture and make a winery. But he never thought of selling his wine in Tokyo. Instead, he thought of bringing people from Tokyo here in Niigata.

"There is no point in expanding." "Be unique." His words in the TV program seem to show the concept of the industry in the future Japan and change the way businesses in Japan should be managed.

Here I just show the last word from the host of the program.

"Mr.Ochi's wine is beyond a vague description like "delicious. It’s rich and deep. It has bouquet and flavor. It's genuine, it's real.

Wine is basically a local product. Its taste and flavor will be lost if it is moved.

People in Niigata are really happy. There are several wineries being born. It will become "Napa"(Napa in California) of the East. Japan is falling into decline as a whole, but there is a chance it will become rich in a real sense if it takes the right way. There surely are people and areas, if not many, that make me think this way."

It's exciting. It is a story that gives us courage, dreams and hopes.

2011年10月17日 (月)

花 Flowers

Dscn0830 Dscn0834 Dscn0835 Dscn0843



There are a lot of nice places in Niigata City. Come and visit Niitata.

2011年10月11日 (火)





I went to "Nakamura Orchard" in Niigata City with my friends. We had “nabeyaki udon" or "noodle hot pot dish" and barbecue under the grapevine trellis there. After lunch we enjoyed pear picking.

It happened to be the first day of this year its "Le Lecier" farm was opened to visitors. Niigata Minami-ku ( Southern ward of Niigata City) is the birthplace of Le lecier or a French pear.

I need to wait for the Lelecier pears I picked to ripe for 45 days. I will enjoy watching the process of their color changing from green to yellow.

The weather was nice and it was a perfect day for an outing.